Emmanuel Macron and his love story

Following the results of the elections in France, Emmanuel and his wife, Brigitte Trogneux, could snatch Him Pen the next 7 may, the Presidency of France to the candidate. They met at an institute of Amiens. It could be said that they were going to the same class, except for the nuance that he was a student of 17 years and her teacher of literature, of 37. Much time later, become that kid dreamer who wrote poetry in Mr. Emmanuel Macron, president of the Republic, their love story mature jumps to the foreground. Here, the empirical test of that 20 years are nothing.

Brigitte Trogneux (maiden name) is an educated woman, and elegant, with three children and six grandchildren, who currently teaches at a private center of Paris. Emmanuel Macron, candidate to win the second round of the French elections on may 7, pianist and occasional. Teacher and former student, were married in 2007, when she was 50 and he 30.

Great attention from the media

The couple, aware of the curiosity aroused, he has tried to keep away from the covers. Although they have given several exclusive interviews to Paris Match. Its importance in the media, after reaching Macron as a favorite next to Le Pen in the second round of the elections, is going to increase without doubt. „When Macron account that you are going to see their children on the weekend, not speaking of their children, but the grandchildren of his wife,“ it was noted that the publication gala L’express, one of the first to inquire about their relationship.

Also, ‚Paris Match‘ revealed some details of an escape that made it to a ski resort of the Pyrenees, where Macron still retains some of the family members. „They acted as two more tourists, and until they bought at the local supermarket,“ says the magazine.

It seems that the good harmony between them was involved from the beginning. The own Macron, an excellent tango dancer, has confessed in an interview -one of the few in which he has spoken about his private life – that was his wife, before one, who passed the love of books.<

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